Monday, August 16, 2010

Sleepy Koalas

"Hiya !!!"

16 August Monday - Koala Bears

We all know koala bears , these furry and lazy creatures reside in the land down below , Australia.You can't miss it , it is a continent and a nation.Now koala bears are not bears , they are actually much more related to the wombat or kangaroos , they are Maruspials.Wombats kinda look like Koalas but tend to spend most of it's time on solid ground.kangaroos are those kick ass fighters we all know and love , plus they got pockets on their belly.



Koala Bear

Their young ones are called cubs.Even though they are cute and furry , they tend to have sharp claws and sharp teeth so be careful.

Most of us (Even me) think that all Koala Bears are incredibly slow.Well , they could run as fast as a rabbit , you can imagine how fast these little guys run.They are also good swimmers.Well they are lazy though , they sleep for 19 hours a day !!! The leaves they eat give them little nutritions so they have little energy , thats why they sleep most of the time.They live and sleep on Eucalyptus trees , the trees provide shelter and food for the Koala Bears.But their territories are getting lesser and lesser because us bastardy humans tend to build farms on their lands. They only eat Eucalyptus leaves.

"Eucalyptus are known for their economical impact on poor populations and also used for draining swamps which reduce the risk of malaria."

"Over 2 Million Koala Bears were killed during 1908 and 1927 for fur"

The Koala Bears tend to cool off by licking and stretching themselves during resting period.Oh and Koala bears don't have sweat glands.They rarely drink water since they get all their H2O from the leaves but they would drink during times of drought.Koala Bears don't have much enemies.Eagles , Owls , Goannas and Dingoes are threats to the Koala Bears.Humans are the biggest enemies of Koala Bears , they should start a revolution lol.

Ops my pencil is broken , I like Koala Pie...I MEAN APPLE PIE :D


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