Thursday, August 5, 2010


"Rain ...  No not the singer"

5 August Thursday - Drop by drop

Wet days , I hate wet days , simply because it makes you gloomy.The whole place wet , drops of water falling from the sky as if they are tears of god himself.A signal of gloom and grief , a sign of despair.But enough with my emo talk , its thursday ! Its my favorite day among the five school days since lesser effort is needed in this day.

I freaking went to buy Nasi Lemak early in the morning , yes I am obsessed.I like the stall's nasi lemak , its very tasty.Normally , it would be a normal trade progress when I am at the stall.But today was different , while I was buying nasi lemak from the stall holder , a woman came out of nowhere and pleaded something.She was pleading the stall holder to give one nasi lemak for free and she would return the money in the afternoon.But the stall holder rejected multiple times , maybe he distrusts the woman or something.

The haunted house is going great , people are working really hard on the house.Days ago , it was just a few people.Now theres like a wave of workers working on the house.Oh please be scary , I don't like boring games.Jay Ming and his team of artists were painting batiks for the carnival , they are going to sell them.I got my set of eyes on one of the batiks.

Oh ya , our english teacher who is also the organizer of the haunted house , took all the tables of 4A and 4B.Luckily , our chairs have mini tables so it won't bother us much.

A rainy day to start off a grueling month.

Ops my pencil is broken , drop drop.


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