Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of The August Exam


10 August Tuesday - Shoot Bam

Ignore my previous post , I was in a big emotional surge yesterday.Probably I ate or drank a little something something too much.Well , my mood is back to normal and I am ready to write words on a machine.Today is the first day of the August Test.Seriously , I don't really care much about this month's test but I just read and study anyways.Regardless , I am going to get OK marks for this test.

BM was "okok" today , I managed to write the synopsis and theme of the novel "Papa" just in a nick of time.Intan Maliana died out of anger , poor girl.Darn Jeffri for being so unfaithful.I guess that is the way of literal writing I guess , I would kill a likeable character too just to add in a dramatic effect hehe.I am just afraid that the characters I killed in my story would come alive and kill me.I hate retribution !!!

English was easy enough.I don't know about my first question though.I chosen "Tools" because I saw the word "Equip" infront , I played too much video games and my mind is thinking like a video game.Essay was hell , I wrote too much words.I kept crossing out words and words and WORDS.I don't want to talk about Moral , I don't want to be reminded of the freaking essay.

After the test , I went home then I went to Shawn's home just to study.Now I am back and I am writing history.

Ops my pencil is broken , I sat on my horse and I am ready to charge.


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