Sunday, August 8, 2010

SMKDK Carnival


7 August Saturday - Keychains and Batiks for sale.

We all like carnivals , of course we do because it is friggin fun.Saturday , the time was when the great people of SMKDK got together and made this wonderful festive for the society.My friends opened a shop named "Gerai Seni" , it sold batiks and keychains.The day before all this could happen , my friends were dropping sweat painting those art works.Everytime , I turned my eyes.They are set on them , painting and painting.Such effort is rarely seen.

Those friends are :

Jay Ming
Hsin Jie
Han Xien
Rui Zhen
Jia Cheng
Kim Hoong

I got to the carnival with my brother and his friend by about 7.30am in the morning , yes I am that excited.When I got there , I saw my friends preparing for the carnival.They were not the only ones , hundreds of others were preparing for the grand festive.I helped them with some tables and then I was off to photo shooting.No , I don't shoot photos with my gun , wait what ? Here are some photos of that day.

I bought alot of stuffs , I tried out some food.I like the ice cream bun and the satay.Its been long since I ate an ice cream bun , the last time I ate an ice cream bun was that of maybe about Form 1.When I was a child , I used to beckon my mom for coins just to buy an ice cream bun.The very start of an early morning , the sun shone into my bedroom with a golden warm feeling.The sound of the ice cream man trumpets across the old flats of Wangsa Maju , children would run out to greet the man.Every time I went to him , I would buy an ice cream bun.The soft and cold taste is unforgettable.

The haunted house was fun but not that scary , the ghosts were pulling my pants , it almost went off.It was very dark , I can't see a single thing inside the house.The maze was fun too , I heard someone said that some guy kicked off some tables and messed up the whole thing.They used an hour to reform the formations of the maze.I don't wanna try Flying Fox , I am afraid.Yes , I am a coward lol.

The day soon comes to the end , Shawn won two lucky draw prices but only manged to get one because he was too late to redeem the second one.I bought two batiks and I sold one to Ang KL.He came in the last minute just to check up on us.

Ops my pencil is broken , things that were and things that are.


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