Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"England ?"

4 August Wednesday - The reason ?

The reason why I entitled today's blog "Rednesday" and posted a picture of two knights from the crusade ages ? Well , I got my hands on a computer game not too long ago.It's name is Medieval 2 Total War , it is a strategy game.I love strategy games , especially ones that have ton of history and ounces of fun.My Medieval 2 Total War is "modded" so it has enhanced special features that other normal versions do.Well the colour red is for the faction "England" in this game , since I have been playing as England recently.I find it suiting to name today's post Rednesday.England sucks in calvary :( 

Today is one strange day for me , the beginning of the day.I was sitting on the hall just to wait sun take it's toll on me , Puan Nisa ordered me to do something for her.It was a simple task , just close the little hatch connecting to the underground drainage systems.I was thinking , since she has one hand empty , why can't she close it herself ? I am not angry or pissed off , just strange and curious.One hand is enough to close the hatch.The smell from the hatch was nasty , typical drainage system eh ?

We got a new student in our class today.I guess it is safe enough right now to say that the new student is Calyn Loh.She came from Chong Hwa and settled in my school.I hope she is finding her surroundings comfortable , we got a transfer student once but she transferred out of our school not too long later.Hope there won't be a Dejavu.If you are reading this , welcome to our school with normal prestige lol.

Teachers and students are particularly busy these days.Since theres gonna be a carnival this Saturday , everyone is one their tip of their toes.I would officially invite you viewers to visit our school's carnival , its gonna be a blast.We got food and games , the famous haunted house would serve you nicely with maybe good frights.Some of my friends volunteered for being ghosts , the process is going well.Hopefully , its gonna be great.

My classroom was quite empty today since a fraction of my classmates went out for some chorus speaking thing.Some of my peeps are in a real moody atmosphere too , even my friend asked me "Is it Sad Day today ?".Honestly , today might be the right day for this day.Haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , marijuana sucks so don't freaking smoke it , you will die :D


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