Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dawn of August

"Hello August"

1 August Sunday - Goodbye July

Before I start , I went to a steamboat and BBQ party yesterday ! It was really fun and the bunch of us had alot of fun , awesome photos were everywhere.Here are some of them.

Go to here for more photos --->!/album.php?aid=26112&id=1784140936

Its the end of July my friends , August is starting today.I gotta miss this year's July , bunch of interesting stuffs happened.A miracle happened during July that I would never forget , but for me to succeed is depends on how am I going to do with this miracle.August is starting and the exams are near , I hate the exams.But we have no choice right ? Gotta take it for the sake of academics , exams mean study and study means bunch of sleepless nights.

My class is going to have a new student soon , I can't tell you the name yet since it is a secret hehe.Maybe I will tell you during the end of the year lol.Ron has been struggling these days with love and health , hope something shines on him soon.

Ops my pencil is broken , please make this august a memorable one :)

I need some serious changing.

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