Monday, August 23, 2010

Lovely Bones

"The Lovely Bones"

23 August Monday - I been really neglecting -_-

Monday is not my favorite day because it signifies the beginning of a long week to come.Yesterday , I went to Jusco and came back late.I been really neglecting my blog lately , been busy and boring these few weeks.During when I was in Jusco , I bought a book from MPH.It's name is The Lovely Bones.It is a very interesting novel , I am still reading it so I can't really give a full review yet.The book has a movie of it's own , directed by Peter Jackson.He is the one who directed The Lord of The Rings Trilogy !!!

The story is really simple.It talks about a girl got murdered by a psycho / pervert / mad / crazy guy by luring the girl into a den and raped her.The girl then went to heaven and she watches her family getting used to the scene of not having her in the household.The story goes on as her family tries to solve the mystery of her death and discover her murderer.It is a powerful Novel , recommend buying it.I bought it for RM32.90 in MPH so I guess you will get that kind of price in Malaysia unless you bought a pirated copy of the novel.

Don't know why it is named "The Lovely Bones" ._.

"Eminem !!!"

Yes that guy above this paragraph of useless texts is Eminem , the rapper we all know and love.His recent single "Love The Way You Lie" is a major hit and many countries , even here my friends would sing this particular song.Rihanna is featured in the song too but I don't get it why she changed so much.Maybe it is puberty ? Oh Wait...

Anyways I am not trying to promote this artist , he is popular enough without me promoting.I am here to show you the top ten advices for kids by Eminem on The David Letterman Show.Those advices are hilarious and truthful as well.Heck , why am I talking ? Heres the video so enjoy !!

Ops my pencil is broken , I like pie


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