Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Exam is Over and that means...


2 November Tuesday - Yes , it is over.

Finally , the long 3 weeks of pure studying is finally over.It was fun , or kinda menacing but still fun.Fun in a bad way I suppose.Yes it is over and I got plans for my holidays ! For now , I am going review my exam subjects.

BM - Good , not so bad.
English - Worried about my essay.
Mathematic - Good , not so bad
Add Maths - Hell , not well prepared.
Physics - OKOK
Chemistry - OKOK
Biology - Good , not so bad.
Sejarah - Good , not so bad.

My results are not going to be sunshine all the way but still better than the mid year exam.In the mid year exam , I was so clueless.Now that it is pushed aside , from now on , it is  BLOGGING TIME.Yes , I am going to update everyday from now on until the next exam.No excuses for me to not update ! 

For now I will leave my keyboard here , I need to perform search and rescue to find my text books in order to return them tomorrow.So see ya ! Oh and one more thing , my calculator and Sejarah text book are missing ! 

Ops my pencil is broken , please call 1300-Found-My-Book-007 thank you.


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