Friday, November 12, 2010

Last Day of School for Form 3

"Don't Look Back"

12 November Friday - Thats Life

Today is the last day of school for the Form 3 , after that it is all holidays.Form 3 students may find today a very special day as they leave their Form 3 shoes and embark on a journey to a new world.It is Hari Koko today too , I never bring my camera to school so no pictures.The ones who were going to get their prize have chairs to sit while the others sit on the floor at the back.My hips are sore after all that sitting on the cold hard ground.

To the right I could see Form 5 students breaking sweat , working very hard to study and prepare for SPM which is coming very soon.You can say it is around the corner.To the left , everyone was trying to pass time.Congratulations to those who got to get the prize , your patience has finally gave you something.There are some performances today , I find the choral speaking most amusing.

After the ceremony , me and the others took refuge in the canteen.We talked and had a lot of fun together.The PBSMs have pizzas today ! They were behind me , munching and chomping down bits and bits of pizza in their mouths.Oh I wish I could have some of that , the smell ! Haha.

So yeah , I guess thats about it.Heres a song for you guys to listen , see if you like it ~

Ops my pencil is broken , Bazookas ! What ? nvm xD


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