Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emulators !

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28 October Saturday - This here is a Gameboy Micro

Hi guys , today is Thursday..Today I am going to talk about Emulators ! Not just any emulators , Gameboy and NDS (Nintendo DS).No emulators are not the machines , they are the copy of the machine inside the computer ! Meaning , you could play Gameboy Games on PC ! I am sure lots of people knew about this but to those who don't , read on and grab a coke.

Back in the old days , I used to play a lot of Gameboy and I mean A LOT.I could go on about all day long just playing these little consoles , I was addicted to them.I guess I am not the only one , tons of other kids played Gameboys or any others and they know how I feel.Back in those days , there were only Gameboy Color , Gameboy Advance and so on.Now ! There is the NDS and even Nintendo 3DS , the technology today is so awesome.

I remember the game that I always loved is the Pokemon Series.I played all of them from Blue to Diamond and Peal , it is the kind of game that I would always remember.I can forget Call of Duty or even my own name but I won't forget Pokemon.Those who don't know Pokemon , might know the famous Pikachu.The cute lightning type pokemon that appears everywhere in the world !

But the old Pokemon games along with the old consoles are getting more and more left out ever since Diamond and Peal came out.Some of them even stopped producing in the factories but people still play them ! One easy way to play these games is by Emulators.I found out about this when I was a little little boy , don't get me wrong , I still have all those original games.Emulators are like the duplicated versions of consoles in the computer , you could use them to play games.

You should give them a try and it is free ! Go to this link

After downloading an emulator , go to a ROM website where you could download games that have been stopped in the production line.It is not illegal if the games are not in production anymore.

Instructions !

After downloading the emulator , just extract the file into somewhere in your computer.Download the game you want and extract it somewhere in your computer.

Then open your emulator for example : (Visual Boy Adance).Then click "File" in the top left corner and then press "Open" to load a ROM then you are all set to play !!! To save , you could either do it the normal way or by pressing "File" and then "Save".

Ops my pencil is broken , Bye !


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