Monday, November 29, 2010

Fallout New Vegas

"Veteran Rangers are not for fun :D"

28 November Sunday - Fallout New Vegas

Holidays are dull , wish theres school but I won't think the same while I am at school.Lately , I been playing Fallout New Vegas.A new game by Obsidian Entertainment , yes this game is not made by Bethesda.I played Fallout 3 and I find it extremely fun to play , one of the best games of this generation.Most people might say that this game is like an expansion of the Fallout 3 , but to me , it is a whole other experience.

"Robots sound better in this game xD"

The story is about you the courier just got mixed up into something you don't want to be mixed with.Then you find yourself shot dead and later risen from the dead by a doctor.The story continues as you try to find the one who is responsible for your death and things start to get more complicated in the late part of the game.It is a free roaming game so there is a lot of freedom in this game , you could do anything you want !

It is quite hard for me to make choices for me in this game since I am very picky about my games.But after spending a long time with this game , I realize there is not perfect ending to this game.Everything has a price to pay , no matter how much good you done , the ending won't be all dandy.

Weapons in this have Ironsights ! Hooray.It is made for more First Person Shooter oriented fans , I am not a FPS fan I find this a great improvement for the game.But there are a lot of bugs in this game , I will not lie.The PC version is better because it has console commands , this allows you to help you out of any buggy situations.

This is a very wonderful game , especially for PC gamers.You could download or create mods to improve your gaming experience.You could use console commands and if you have a gaming system , then this game would run much better than Xbox 360 and PS 3.

Ops my pencil is broken , :D


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