Thursday, November 25, 2010


"Tweet Tweet Tweet"

25 November Thursday - Oh My Baby

People people , twitter has been getting quite a bit of fame in my area where I am living.I know it is already really famous in the west but here in Asia , not that famous.But recently , I been using twitter a lot so I figure , "Why not talk about Twitter ?".

Twitter is a social web just like Facebook , well not exactly "just like" Facebook.It is totally different though , instead of adding friends , you follow friends.Also , statuses in Twitter are called "Tweets" instead of statuses.You could follow someone without the one's confirmation unless they are in private or something something.There are a lot of other features too.

I created a Twitter account months ago , I found out whats Twitter by watching videos on Youtube.Most of them Youtubers have Twitter accounts and would encourage people to follow them.

But the main point of Twitter is posting "Tweets" about what are you doing or thinking , share it to total strangers.Most stars have their own twitter account , careful though , some are fakes who deserve a beating instead of a tweeting.But I still find Facebook much better than Twitter , there are a lot of obvious reasons.My biggest reason is that I don't have much friends playing Twitter , right now I am only following 10 friends.Most of them are not that close to me too.

Still if you want to try out this Social Web then click on the link below.

Twitter   <--------- Here

Ops my pencil is broken , tweet tweet


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