Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jimmy's 16th Burfday Bash

"Happy Times"

23 November Tuesday - Hot Dogs

Heyo everyone , before going on with my posts.I am going to wish well to all SPM students right now because they are having their big big big big big big big exam now.Good luck and all the best you all , study and eat smart , a healthy mind ain't useful without a healthy body.I am not gonna lie , that piece of paper could change your lives forever and ever.So stay strong and stay confident , a few days of hell then the rest is heaven.

Happy Birthday SEE JEE MEE

Hey hey hey , me and a few other friends went to Jimmy's 16th Birthday party a few days ago.Lets just say we had a great giant explosive blast ! Me and my boy Jimmy been friends ever since Primary , sure there have been complications but most of them were due to immature misunderstandings.But those times should be forgotten and happy times should be kept.Happy Birthday Jimmy and may your wishes come true.

Oh yea and one more thing.I played with a couple of folks a PS 2 game , it is a Naruto fighting thingie.It was really fun and since I was a newbie at it , those guys beaten me like a drunkie beating a little kid.Finding our way to Jimmy's house was a scary and fun one , we got lost in a village area once and everyone freaked out haha.

Ops my pencil is broken , Happy Birthday Jimmy and give me a pie pls ?


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