Thursday, November 4, 2010

Football Competition (Form 4)


4 November Thursday - SHOOT !

Hey Ho guys to another episode of Random Blogging By Nicholas , the most dumbest TV show in the history of TV shows that ever existed in TV shows.I got a special surprise for you guys , I got limited edition football competition photos from my house.My house is directly next to my school so I could have bird's eyes view of the match ! But 4 ARIF lost in the final , awww.I don't know who is the champion , their team has different classes mixed together I think.At least we got second place ! To those 4 ARIF players , me and the other students in our class are sooooo proud of you guys , you guys done greatly so don't feel remorse.

Here are some photos , they are in bad quality since I used a mediocre camera to zoom in.I use my binoculars for optical vision hehe...gosh.

"Ikhwan got hurt >< , hope he gets well soon."

It seems , some guy from some place of some company thing came to find some young fresh talent.He needs 10 players , two of them were Fariz and Shawn.Shawn played excellently today along with Fariz , they were like tigers hungry for the ball.Ikhwan got hurt , rest well man , you done a good job.Other teams were great too ! Really nice competition.

Ops my pencil is broken , Helicopter power !


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