Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puppies In Friday

"No no these"

6 November Saturday - Awww

Aren't those puppies cute ? Makes me wanna eat them...I mean hug them.Sorry for not updating yesterday , I went out the whole day and I got tired and lazy in the end.Yesterday morning , I went to play football with my friends and brother.We went to my school's field in the morning under the baking hot sunlight , we saw a bunch of malay guys hanging out there too.

All of a sudden , we saw wild puppies trying to get over a short wall.But they were not tall enough to get over the wall , it seems they were calling out for their mother.We helped some of them to get over but only one got stubborn enough to not even budge.But in the end , every puppy managed to get over the wall.

Later , we played football with the malay dudes.It was an epic battle of swords and bombs , almost everyone died.Yes and they beaten us , a  massacre ! Arr sorry , got a bit tied up back there.It was just a simple football match , no blood and organs flying around the field.

I don't have much to talk now , gotta go to Wangsa Walk later !

Ops my pencil is broken , Lame post ~


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