Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Four Penises ?


3 November Wednesday - Edchina

Hello and welcome people to the wonderful world of pain and suffering , no wait I mean , welcome to the wonderful world of four penises ? What ? Four penises ? Am I kidding ? NO ! I recently read an article about this little fella , odd little thing ain't it ?

The Edchina or the spiny anteater is just like any normal being (Animal)  , you know , they eat , sleep , drink and die.But , this specific species has an interesting trait.That trait is having four penises , seriously four ! The spikes on their back are just for defensive purposes.Let me show you the picture of the penis ! Hope you are not eating anything right now.

"Ain't the world awesome ?"

This is the monster penis that I am talking about ! The world is filled with surprises.Four heads of pure sexual ejaculation.The Edchina does not use their penises for urination or pee-ing , they use them during sexual intercourses.During ejaculation , they would use only two penises to produce semen for the females.This is because if all four penises got "excited" or "hard" , they can't fit in the female reproductive system.

The four penises actually give the anteaters some advantage , a female could mate with 11 males in a row.When all these sperms join together , they form a sperm bundle.The sperm bundle travels faster than individual sperms.

Ops my pencil is broken , Nature you scary !


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