Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Games For The Holidays ? PART 1

"Bored ?"

10 November Wednesday - Not for long.

The holidays are coming soon and people are finding ways to spend their time better during the holidays , we don't want sleep all day long and watching soap operas.Most would find part time jobs to earn extra money for them to use or just to past the long holidays.Some prepared a powerful schedule filled with educational activities to prepare for the next stage of education , like reading books or going to extra tuition classes.

But what if you want to play video games to past your days ? What if you suddenly find a huge gap of time for you to use but you find yourself using the time for napping ? You want something that keeps you motivated while having fun or just trying to find a break after a day's work.In today's post , I show you some of the best games I played in my miserable life haha ! Note : This is mostly for Malaysians so no WOW.


The first online game I recommend is Dragonica , it is a cute side scrolling action fantasy online game.It is free and you only use money for extra items , you don't need them but to those who wants fancy items or coolio weapons , they just might waste their money to buy those items.Dragonica is a very fun game and the engine is quite familiar to those who loves dungeon games , it is a hack and slash type game that uses the combo system too.

The graphics are very cute and girls would love this game.The animations and the character designs are all cute and fun to look at.You could choose from four classes , Warrior , Mage , Archer and Thief or Rogue.Then you start growing your character by doing quests , challenging dungeons with other online gamers or kill like theres no tomorrow.Mostly , you up level faster by challenging dungeons.Quests help too but not that much.The game also features a fun PVP system , you could battle one on one or battle together as a team.I think much has change in the game since it was 4 months since I played this game , I only have a lv34 Gladiator.

Website ---> Dragonica  (IAH Games)

Now I don't really like this game but most people I know LOVE this game so I am just going to introduce this game to you guys.To those who like easy killing of mummies or people with wide variety of crazy arsenals , this game is perfect for you all.Most young boys might find this game more appealing since it is a shooting game.I played this game before , it is really fun but filled with idiotic little children online.If you ignore them then this game is worth to play with.

Like I said , this is a First Person Shooter game.To those who don't know whats a First Person Shooter , it is a type of shooting game that views from the eyes , meaning you could only see your hand holding a weapon along with additional HUD.Now what makes this game fun to most people ? It has wacky weapons with no recoil and theres a mummy mode.The mummy mode is a mode where players team up with other players to fight against the mummies or you could play the mummies and slaughter the humans.There is also a mode that allows you to fight easy to kill AI (Artificial Intelligence) , these enemies are controlled by computers and they give you easy kills.

Website ---> M.A.T (Mission Against Terror) CIBmall

Now this next game is one of my favorites , it is not an online game , it is a PC video game.If you like history of ancient empires and love strategy games then this video game is built for you.You get to choose one of 12 civilizations inside this game , for example China , Persia , Aztecs , Rome , Greece , Ottomans , Siamese and many others.After choosing a civilization , you get to grow it and challenge the test of time.You need to expand your empire and win the game by Cultural Victory or Science Victory or Dominance.You could also win by getting the highest score in the end of the match.

This is a strategy game so it is made to challenge your mind against the PC.You get build wonders of the world such as Pyramids , Stonehedges , The Oracle , The Great Wall of China and many more.The game is really beautiful and appealing to the eyes too , the beautiful lush landscape really brings you into the game.What makes this game special is the diplomatic engine , I can't describe how it is but please do watch the video you may find this game extraordinary.

This is the Official Website ---> Civ 5

Buy the game in your local store.

Ops my pencil is broken , hope you all have fun this holidays.


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