Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shaveena's Birthday Party

"Happy Days Later Birthday"

16 November Tuesday - White Flower !

Hey blog lovers , in my last blogpost I was a bit sickie in the body.Thats why I smell like wet dog and talk like a movie without Mel Gibson or with Mel Gibson ? Hmm.Recently , I went to my friend Shaveena Birthday Party.Me and Shawn went there and had lots of fun , mostly because there are a lot of ... oh never mind.Don't you guys think of anything stupid , I was about to say ... oh never mind.Fantasize the word people , Fantasize !

Photo Time 

Okay back to reality ! I really love the curry prawns Shaveena's mother made , I ate it even though I got allergies , I am ashamed of myself haha.Luckily , nothing happened to me except for the slight giant huge red thing on my forehead that produces blood each second.Other than that , nothing :)

Ops my pencil is broken , Pipboys


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