Friday, October 16, 2009


Well today's topic will be strange but a heartwarming one.Hometowns are place where someone born or grew up , we usually go back to our hometowns to visit our families.Every year in Chinese New Years , Christmans and Hari Raya.I would go back to my hometown and settle down for a feel days.But the problem is , my house IS my hometown XD haha.

Most people love to go back to hometowns and visit their families while enjoying a delicious feast.But some people just hate to go back to their hometowns....Because some hometowns are not advanced like other major cities.Nowadays people rely alot on technology and when they are living in their hometowns.They would feel left out and bored.

Some just don't have the time to visit their hometowns.Their works and activities stop them from going back to their hometown.While others just don't have the hearts or the mind to visit their families.

Families are suppose to be loved before they are gone...I am just sad about my grandmother who past away few months ago...

~Appreciate what you have before it is all gone....~ Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

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