Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Do you have a facebook ? Its a common thing to say everytime when somebody has a created an facebook account.Even I done it hahaha , no seriously I done it.Facebook is a common social web on the internet.Find friends and play free online games that could be addicting.Yet I sometimes feel very strange about Facebook.
We add people we don't know in Facebook , most of our friends are total effing strangers.We seen alot of people add friends from the friends suggestion on facebook just for fun , I do it too.But most of them us don't even have a clue who are those people we added.Is it bad ? No not really its just a weird habit but no harm done especially for Restaurant City players hehe.
Quiz and Applications are common too.When people are bored , they answer quiz and other applications.This releases their stress and sometimes give them some laughs.Facebook games such as Restaurant City and the popular Mafia War are great pass time games but may get addicting and repetitive after playing for a long period of time.
PHOTOS !!! Yup , photos are very important as it shows your social life and how you describe art.I love going to people's profile and see every single photo they have.PHOTOS ! PHOTOS ! PHOTOS ! Ok I stop.Facebook is a fun and maybe not healthy website that we all know and love.
Ops my pencil is broken !!! Bye !!!

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