Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Old Days ~

Before this , tomorrow is Halloween so get ready to scare and fright.Good old days ... I remember I listen to my grandfather when I am wee boy.He always told me stories about the good old days , where theres no pollutions and the air is clear and free.I am gonna be like my grandfather right now , telling you stories of my good old days.

I remember when I was 10 , I was nearby the pond in my school , SJK(c) Lee Rubber.Me and my brother were watching the fishes inside the pond swimming around with their graceful tails.I joked to my brother to push me down into the pond because it was sooo hot.Suddenly , my brother pushed me down into the pond.I was soaking DRENCH with water , some fishes bitten me hahaa.Fortunately , a kind passer-by pulled me up from the pond.To my surprise , I did not scold my brother but just wander away.

I remember when I had tortoises as pets.Me and my brother would carry one of the tortoise and put it onto higher ground and see would it die when it falls.Well , It can't die.Oh , I know its animal abusive but I was small back then +_+.The tortoises eventually grew into mature adults and we finally let them go into a lake nearby my house.

I remember whan I was in primary school , I would draw comics by comics in school.My class love my comics , everytime I have a new episode.People would ask for my comics and sometimes fight over it with other friends.I got two others friends always draw comics with me too.We had fun.

I was young and foolish.In school , students called me "The Blur King" , I am so blur and foolish !!! One time , I went to the toilets.I was wanting to go into the male's room but ended up going into the female's room.I forgot that the toilets on the 3rd floor are diffrent from the others.When I went into the female's room , I saw a girl.I thought I was in the male's room and scolded her to go out.The girl scolded me and told me that I was in the female's room.

AHH the good old days ~

Ops my pencil is broken !!! See ya later , alligator.