Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jealous !?

One day , as I was walking down the streets under my condo.I saw a boy crying about his mother buying a toy dinosaur for his brother instead of him.Looks like he is jealous because he don't have the toy.
Jealous is a bad bad thing to happen.Circumstances could happen when you are jealous of something or someone.I seen alot of dramas and movies , some of characters died or even killed someone.
Jealousy could break couples too , one guy jealous of another girl getting another boy's attention or one girl jealous of another boy getting another girl's attention.Its a typical nature that we all share but we learned to overcome it and not letting it taking over our bodies and change our personalities.
I will tell you a short story of jealousy taking over me when I was 13 years old.One day , My father bought a better pencil for my brother but because of it was the last one left in the stationery shop , my father gave it to my little brother since he is younger than me.I was jealous and later fought with my brother for that pencil.I ended up getting a pencil lead right inside my palm.
The things jealousy could lead you to do ... =_=

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