Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get a Puppy ?

Before we get to this topic ... I wanna say I just ate a bun with cheese and crab meat on it and its really weird but tasty.PUPPIES !!! Who doesn't like puppies grandmother hates dogs.Puppies are cute and fun to have , its like a baby xD.

I was wondering to get a puppy !! I wonder how much is it for one those cute little puppies.My brother called me to snatch a wild puppy from the streets but I can't find one haha and also the ones on the streets have diseases so it would be alot of risk.Puppies who live out in the streets tend to have a shorter lifespan !!! I know isn't it bad ?

THings to do when having a puppy in your house ~

1.His poop will be everywhere , get ready for 24/7 cleaning !!! Unless you put him a small cage , but I don't like having him in small cage.Would you ?

2.Money buy pet food and toys !!! Can puppies eat human food ? I don't think so ...

3.Every once in a while , gotta take him to the vet and get his shots to prevent diseases.

4.It would bark alot if you buy a naughty one haha , so buy some ear muffs and tell your neighbours to buy ear muffs too to cover the ears.


6.Alot of time to play with him and tell him bedtime stories haha

So maybe having a puppy ain't so bad after all !!! Oh wait ... I am living in a private condo means I can't have dogs !!!! AWWW

Ops My pencil is broken !!! WOOF


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