Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you hate changing schools and choosing schools ?

Schools are places that we gain education and knownledge from.We meet friends there and sometimes we even makes friends with teachers in school.Its a swell place to go but do you ever think suddenly , your mother and father suddenly want to change your school into something fancy like control schools or schools that are very equivalent to those foreign ones.

Personally , I hate changing and choosing schools.Changing schools is MAJOR BUMMER for those who would miss their friends.Heck some even changed their schools to foreign countries and ended up missing their family and friends.We know better schools get better discipline , but no matter what you can't avoid discipline issues.

My brother is now choosing a school.My mother and father wanted him to go a fancy private school.I immediately disagree , thats a very bad idea.I am not rich and those schools have alot of rich children.My brother would be easily influenced by them and ended up having piercings =.=.I don't want that to happen so I tried to convince my brother to change his mind but to no avail.

But one day , he suddenly came back and said "I wanna change school".It seems that his friends told my brother the evil side of private schools or fancy schools.Normal schools are peaceful to me , nothing bad ever happens in my school.

SO tell what you think about changing and choosing schools.Leave a comment if you want !!!

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