Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Endings...

And they live happily ever after ... Its a very nice and common endings of most stories and folklore other in the world.Snow White and The Seven Dwarves , Beauty and The Beast and many others have such an ending.Yet do people get bored of happy endings ? Maybe...
If you want a happy ending , just go to a nearby bookshop and buy a fairytail or a novel.Many of them have happy endings.Or you can just write a story and give it a happy ending !!! Its fairly easy to make a happy ending but hard to make unhappy endings.
I played a game called Bioshock and it has one of the most heartwarming happy endings even though most people don't like it since they are expecting more than normal happy endings about families and love.Let me show you the words spoke in the ending.
"They offered you the city ... and you refused it.And what did you do instead ? What I come to expect of you , you saved them.You gave them the one thing that is stolen from them , a chance.A chance to learn , to find love , to live.And in the end , what was your reward ? You never said it but I think I know.... A family..."
Nice eh ? Show me other happy endings on comments if you wish to !!!
Ops , my pencil is broken !!! Gotta go , and they live happily ever after....

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