Sunday, October 25, 2009

Town Trip 1

Today I went to my weekly walking around town.I do that to stretch my arms after a long week or drawing , thinking (I think alot) and gaming.Its also good for my health since exercise is one way to beat fats !!!

The trip was not quite I expected...Today , the mood of the town seems really down.Maybe its because of the weather ? Because it is very cloudy today with no sunlight blazing through the atmosphere.Which is good xD !!! I hate sunny days when I am walking out.

The mood today was gloomy ... The people around town won't even laugh lol.Most of them have gloomy faces on them really ruins my mood.The trees are all looking and the wet leaves makes them looked like they are crying.One drip of the water on the leaves fell on my head , its like it is calling me...and trying to tell me something.Maybe I am just hallucinating.

I ate a bowl of Char Kuey Teow in the nearby food restaurant.Had a glass of cold watermelon juice too.Went to the nearby Game store but nothing new ~ Brought some buns and breads from the nearby bakery , most of them have CHEESE on them xD.

While on the way back home , I noticed a squirrel around some trees area.It hop on the tree and it disappeared.Its rare to see a squirrel ....

Ops , my pencil is broken.Hope next time , the town won't gloomy as it is now.


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