Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PMR Coming 21 days left !!!

PMR otherwise known as Penilaian Menengah Rendah is a "up level" exam program to Form 4 which is now making Form 3 students very stress and excited about this "hell exam" =D.Look at the picture above me , those people just gone through their PMR , I am so afraid I can't be as happy as them T_T.21 days left to PMR and I have mastered english and mathematics , Science shall be my next target.21 days look like a breeze to most for not for form 3 students.

PMR grading method is abit strange.To let Malaysia "look good" , the education department let students have A's even though they only got 60-70 marks LOL.Some people may say the PMR is much easier than normal exam but I say to them "Don't underestimate It" since it maybe random.But the "look good" method seems to making people who is going to take the test feel better and have more confidence.

--- PMR 21 days left - I am scared now =D

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