Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glee Fest

" Yeah L"

26 September Sunday - Glee

Hey guys , its me again and I am here to talk about random thoughts coming out of my mind.Lately I been bored , this year's Mooncake Festival ain't what it turn out to be because I got a lot during that day.I skipped my candle burning fun and it ain't right at all.At least I got the pleasure of eating mooncakes.Now a new week is coming and that means more work to do.I still got revision for my final exams too , backbreaker.

Glee Season 2 came out and Charice was awesome ! I heard rumors that she used botox injections to beautify her face just for Glee and I don't care at all or do I ? Nah I don't care.I have never watched Glee before ever ! Glee Season 2 gave me an urge to watch season 1 and now I am addicted to this series.

I really like the story and the life lessons , some songs are "ok" but the others are awesome.I really like the coach because without her , the series would be boring.Seeing her going all out just to eliminate Glee Club and I love the way she talks , it is intimidating.All the characters in Glee are hard to forget , each of them has their own unique problems.

Right now I reached Episode 18 , I been abandoning my daily need to dos just to watch this series.

Ops my pencil is broken , Bah Bah Bah


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