Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Badminton Day

"Badminton Turmoil"

8 September Wednesday - Smack

I am finally done with my fever guys , the last two or three days were hellishly exhausting.I got infected by some form of virus or bacteria , resulted in fever.I felt like I was going to die , but luckily I am not , yeah !!! Today , I got all my strength back so I joined Jay and the others for badminton.

I went there empty headed , with no clue on how to play badminton.The last time I played badminton was 2 months ago and I was just smacking for fun.I stood there mindlessly at first then suddenly my friends invited me to play with them.I refused because I don't wanna cause my partner to lose because of me.They urged me on and taught me how to play.

In just a short moment , I finally know a thing or two about badminton.Well at least the basics , I can't deal with advanced techniques.Thanks for teaching me guys , finally know how to play.


I went to Youtube today and I freaking found some videos by Storycorps.Now Storycorps is a organization in USA going around interviewing people about their past stories.Then they would post those stories in a book or in their website , most of them are really great.I will give you see two of them and I would even send you a link.Here you go !

Heres the website

Ops my pencil is broken , I like badminton.


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