Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fever Sunday


5 September - This is a big one.

Fever is actually a very common illness for me since I like spicy foods but I don't really take enough water a day.Sometimes , I could go on a day with just only one glass of water.My grandma always remind me to drink water all the time but I am just that stingy lol.My stinginess mostly caught up on me and I would be sicked with fever.

As a person's temperature increases, there is, in general, a feeling of cold despite an increasing body temperature. Once the new temperature is reached, there is a feeling of warmth. A fever is one of the body's immune responses that attempt to neutralize a bacterial or viral infection.So right now my body is actually fighting with threats inside my body.Right now , I just hope that it is not Denggi !!!

Even I am sicked with fever , I don't want to waste my holiday xD.I took medicine but I never went for a nap or sleep , I kept on watching TV and doing some other stuffs.It is an unwise plan but like I said , I am stingy hehe.

Ops my pencil is broken , yummy porridges.


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