Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sleepy Tuesday

"Nappy Poo"

21 September Tuesday - Aww shucks

Hey guys , I know I have been real quiet lately in my blog lately.I was too busy finishing up things for school these past few days , right now the blog writing spree shall regain it's conscious.Today is one sleepy day , never been this sleepy in school for a long time.There is a reason for this , I was preparing for my English Oral Presentation all night long.I only got 4 hours of sleep , which is really NOT ENOUGH.My eyes were trying to get me close down and go to snooze land.Sorry Brain , for making you this tired +_+.

I am really angry guys , I am so angry , I could eat you up and spit you into lava.Nah I am not that angry , I can't be angry , I got this signboard in my heart that says "NO Angry".I tried to be angry but I can't , I can only complain haha.This is my second time doing this presentation , my English teacher rejected my first piece of work.She rejected everyone's presentation because we can't live up to her expectations.She won't give us a chance to try , she just rejected everyone on the spot.

This morning , I was eagerly waiting my group's turn to present but she rejected it AGAIN.Not just mine , the whole class got rejected AGAIN.I done everything she wants and I lived up to her requirements , but to no avail.No chances were given AGAIN.She would lecture us all day after the rejection about how she don't like how we live.The same thing on a loop like a recorder.

Oh well , I just gotta deal with it ~

I am going to post pictures of my drawings tomorrow , please do visit !

Ops my pencil is broken , where is my pencil ?


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