Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Weird Dream


10 September Friday - Thats me

I had a weird dream yesterday , it is so weird that I think my brain was playing tricks with me.It all started on a road , I was sitting in a car next to my mom.My mom was talking to me but I don't remember what she said to me , something about education I guess ? Right after that , the car pulled over and I was in some big long building with a red color roof and a banner with "Party" on it.The building was huge and the only entrance was a giant hole caused by some explosion I wonder.

Then I was inside the building with a bunch of people.Most of them were all Lee Rubber friends and I saw two of them singing on a stage in the end of the building.A guy suddenly comes to me kicked me in the legs and started to scold me.I did not feel pain for some reason and I was shocked that he kicked my legs.All of a sudden , the two guys singing I told earlier started to start off a Hide and Seek game.I was partnering with a girl that I don't know who the hell is she.

The game started and then later I found myself outside the building with the girl.But the strange thing was that it was a city outside the building but it turned into a jungle.The guy that was suppose to chase us all turned into a robot mech guy with chainsaws.I ran and ran until I reached a lake.The lake had a standing alligator holding a fishing pole , he waved to me and ran away after that.The fishes in the lake all had two tails and four eyes , they were freaking glowing too.

I heard the chainsaw sound and I quickly ran away.Later I found out that the girl that was with me disappeared ! I was looking around while shouting for her , but to no avail.I don't wanna waste time so I ran back to the building , to my surprise it wasn't there anymore.The spot where the building once was became desolate.I was rubbing my eye and I heard someone's voice behind me.It was soft and it feels like as it someone was whispering to me.At last , I felt someone smacked me in the head with something hard and I woke up.

Ops my pencil is broken , what is wrong with me !!!


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