Friday, October 1, 2010

Riot Week

"I ran out of words to say"

1 October Friday - Hello October

Heyo , let us all join our hands and wish September goodbye as October is coming into the league.Yes , the month of octopus and final exams is here so lets go to a nearby tavern to celebrate with ale , my treat ! The past few days were difficult to handle , I will tell you the full story later.Right now , ale ! Fictional ale tastes not half bad if you put your mind to it , now all I gotta do is to act drunk and piss on everybody.I drew a portriat of Lim Hsin Jie , I know it doesn't look like her , I am going to do better next time , well hopefully.

The past few days were hard , my team lost some marks on the oral test because of me.I did not provide enough evidence and my team got lectured by my English Teacher , two marks went Hallehluyah after that.She is not so fond of me and I am not so fond of her , even though I gotta do her personal biddings from time to time.She has her shining moments , but most of the time she only has a broken spotlight flickering above her.I feel so guilty man , can't feel guilty forever , gotta do better next time.Hopefully no more dramatic requirements.

Recent headaches have been more and more frequent , I gotta stop staring at radioactive computers.There is a bright side to this week , I got an expansion for my Dragon Age : Origins video game.The name is Dragon Age : Awakening , it picks up the story right after the ending of the original game.I love this game , I seriously do , I could go all nerd rage on this game all day long if I want to.It is a beautiful game , worth trying out.The expansion is kinda plain , maybe I grew too attached to the old characters.Still , the expansion is fun xD.

Yesterday in school , a frog came into class all of a sudden.I don't know how it got in there.Everyone went panic when they found out about the frog underneath them.I could have sworn I seen some jumping up on the table haha.The looks on their face was priceless ! I was holding a broom and a thing that temporary contains rubbish , I don't know what it's name is.I grabbed the chance to trap the frog and released it into the wilds.Ron was trying to sabotage me =.= , PETA would come to him now haha , kidding.

Ops my pencil is broken , Have a fun month , gotta prepare for the final exam.


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