Friday, September 24, 2010

Old Tunes

"Frank Sinatra"

24 September Friday - Very old songs but still beautiful

Guys , recently I have been really obsessed with songs from the 30s , 40s and 50s.Ever since I played Fallout 3 , an award winning video game by Bethesda.The reason is that Fallout 3 has a fictional virtual radio in the game , you can listen to it while playing the game.The radio has no relations with the real world.The radio only has these kinds of songs to match the storyline of the video game.

The first time I tuned in the radio , I was like "WTF" with the music.I thought it was stupid and uncool to even use these kinds of songs.Back then , I was into today's modern music , you know like Justin Bieber and many others.Don't get me wrong , I still like modern music but I only lost a lot of interest for modern music.My dad used to tell me that the songs from his generation were much better than musics right now.I was opposing his saying back then but now I know why he said that.Those songs are incredible if you take the time to give them some interest and understand them.

The modern musics today are good too , I am not boycotting them.But when I think of this age , I would think of creative dancing and movies.When I think of the ages before , I would think of good music and pure culture.In the end , it really matters on who you are.You like Rock ? You like Pop ? You like Oldies ? Each of us has our own choice of favorite music to listen and we must respect each other on that subject.Me ? Well depends on the mood , I like oldies and classical music during times of relaxation.I like rock during gaming times.So what about you ? What kind of music do you like ?

Here some songs from the oldies , don't run ! Stay and enjoy ~

Frank Sinatra - Blue Moon

Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea

Bob Crosby - Way Back Home


Ops my pencil is broken , I just can't stay sad listening to these :)


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