Monday, October 4, 2010

Form 3 Students To War !

"Fight To The Death"

4 October Monday - Prepare yourselves

Its PMR tomorrow and what better thing to do ? Well for PMR students , they should be studying right now ,  dishing out every fibre of their strength to confront this massive exam.For the others , well they should be boosting their fellow Form 3 friends' confidence.Morale is important , especially during dire times.Blessings upon the Form 3 students , may all stay calm and vigilant at the same time , may lady luck smile upon you all.Stay true to your heart and be as cunning as a fox for tomorrow's PMR , but don't stoop to cheating or the hammer of righteousness would smite down on you.

And by hammer I mean teacher.

I remember the day before my PMR , I can't stay asleep for the whole night.I would study till 12 while listening to Mika's music , later I found out that listening to music actually distracts me =_= .I remember it clearly , the long line waiting to get into the hall , the atmosphere was not silent but crowded in nature.Nervous faces all around me , thoughts telling me to calm down raced across my brain.I told myself to still but I tremble.But when the true threat shown itself , I braved it through just like anyone else.I came out of the exam halls with a puff , I have my regrets but I will never forget , my part has done and I have tried my best.

So remember this PMR candidates , you may have regrets after this , about how would your marks be much better if you done this and that.Lingering in past does not help at all , forgive yourself and change , just know that you done your very best.

Heres a song for you guys , maybe a little morale boost.

Ops my pencil is broken , this is the moment of truth.


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