Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Vegas / End Year Examination

"Welcome to my shop !"

13 October Wednesday - Exams -_-

Heyo guys , it is very sunny today and by sunny I mean really really sunny.Yes it is normal for Malaysia to have a sunny day but today is particularly more hotter than usual sunny days , or am I just "high" and dreaming that I am stuck in the middle of the desert craving for the luxury of air conditioners.I have not been well lately , headaches are becoming more and more frequent , serves me right for not exercising more.Maybe I am lacking oxygen in my brain and it is degenerating right in front of me.

Please guys if you have any tips to lighten up headaches , do tell.I learned a lot of techniques but maybe you guys have special home made techniques ? I don't know , we will see.

Final exams are here and earlier than most of us expected , when I first lay sight on the exam schedule I laugh.I just hate it when things get disorganized , makes my eyes hurt.I took Chemistry Paper 3 today , it was an "OK" situation for a bad chemistry student like myself.Look at me , in the middle of my final exam and still I am facing my computer , my parents need to file a restraining order immediately.

A lot of new video games are coming out , Fallout New Vegas is one of them and it caught my eye like treasures caught a pirate's eye.I love the Fallout series , they are one of the best PC games I ever played.Fallout 3 was a major success and won GOTY (Game Of The Year Award ) , nothing beats running around the wasteland and blow things up.Call of Duty - Black Ops is coming out too , sadly I can't play both of these games anytime soon.I gotta wait until next month cause its final exam time.

Here are their Trailers :

Ops my pencil is broken , BM TOMORROW RAWR.


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