Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jamuan Kelas 2010

"Rockin On"

21 October Thursday - Finally a Break

Today is the day when students get to arrive in the eye of the storm as we sodder up and get ourselves wasted for the whole day.No , we are not drunkies.Finally I have time to update my blog , exam is really getting on my schedule guys.I been neglecting this blog for weeks , my streak is lost.Now I gotta wait until the exams are over , then I could get on with my blog life.

It is Thursday today and students of SMKDK may find this day a very special day as everyone is getting a party ready in each of their classes.It was a blast today , students were really grateful the chance given to party after a long year.PMR students are especially happy as they just finished their PMR exam , celebrating their joy off.SPM students may find this day a great opportunity to create a memorable chapter in their last year in secondary school.

The food today was pretty less though , not enough food to go around.The spaghetti disappeared in a matter of minutes , everyone was struggling just to get a bowl of spaghetti.There was way too much pasta but way too less spaghetti haha.There were some other foods though but not as famous as the spaghetti.I took a lot of pictures today.Check it out on my Facebook , to those who know my Facebook.


It was a really fun day filled with laughter and sweat , it is best to cherish every moment we have in this beautiful world.Yet so much beauty in this world , beauty goes overseen.

Ops my pencil is broken , scrimmage !


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