Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tron Legacy Yes or No ?

"Tron Suits are Awesome"

18 December Saturday - I throw spinning disk that vaporises programs !

Few days back , I went to watch Tron with a bunch of buds of mine.I was really excited as it is a digital oriented movie.I love computers and the idea of having a world inside the digital world excites me , especially the nicely done glowing suits , I would love having one of those.Now look at me talking like a super nerd (because I am) , it is time for Yes or No ?

"Bike is awesomely sexy if I might add"

"Jeff Bridge ! He started in the original movie way back before I was even born"

"Jeff Bridge ! When he was young and this is him in the original movie"

I did not watch the original so I am not in the fully understand category , but to me , Tron Legacy was a YES.The first thing that I like about the movie is the digital world , the film portrays the world of Tron was so beautiful , I would love to visit the world but not live in it , provided if they don't throw me into an arena fighting.I feel cold when I was watching the movie , don't know why.

The story was nice enough , a boy going into a stranger world trying to find his dad but he can't do it easily because there are complications , but in the end managed to win the antagonist and went back home safe sound with a girl by his side.This is just a super summary , go to watch the real movie to be flabbergasted.

Anyways guys , just go watch the movie and enjoy it , tell me how it is ! 

Mine = 6/10
Rotten Tomatoes = 49% (Rotten)  Rotten Tomatoes Website
Metacritic = 49% (Average) Metacritic Website

Ops my pencil is broken , I wanna ride on of them bikes on full mach speed !


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