Friday, December 10, 2010

Alviss Kong R.I.P

"A Panzershrek to the face ?"

10 December Friday - R.I.P

"Photo from his Facebook page"

Recently , a guy named Alviss Kong on Facebook announced that he would commit suicide after a recent break up with his girlfriend.He actually did it , by Thursday 12am in the morning.This incident caused a storm of people talking about this particular topic.

Alviss Kong's Facebook Profile   <--- Link

I don't know why in the freaking world that he would choose to die for something this little , lots of people out there fell down badly but eventually got back up.But I guess saying this can't change anything eh ? I gotta respect his decision , we seriously can't understand him unless we are him.

It is just so unfair to his parents , he just went on like that , his parents must on be on their knees now.My deepest condolence to his parents , may his soul find peace in somewhere beyond our world.What do you think about this ? Did he choose the right choice ? Is this really necessary ? 

Ops my pencil is broken , R.I.P


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