Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dog Nightmare O_O

"Schnauzers Are Awesome"

5 December Sunday - Grey !

I am sick recently , probably because I kept staying awake until late late nights.This super deadly fatal sickness has lead me to have a really creepy nightmare.Recently , I got a dog.Her name is "Dogmeat" , yes it is a reference from the game Fallout 3.The dog companion that you can acquire from the scrapyard later in the game.

The nightmare goes like this , I was walking with my dog in some tall apartment.I don't know why I was walking my dog in some strange tall apartment , the dream just sets me there.Then suddenly , my dog suddenly runs off and I lose grab of him.My dog did not notice the staircase infront of him and fell through an opening.It fell all the way from 15 floor to the ground floor.

I went back to my brother and dad , I told them and they responded with "Aiya , can buy new one la".Then I cried in my dream .When I woke up , I was like WTF ? After that dream , I kept on keeping my eye on my dog constantly !

"If I want my dog to die , I want her to die like this.PEACEFULLY"

Ops my pencil is broken , Miniature Schnauzer.


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