Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About MySelf ~~~ (Hobbies)

Ok this is not me lol , I don't wear a tuxedo and write my blog.My name is Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee from Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur.I am a chinese and my religion is Buddha.I am a student of SMK Danau Kota so that makes me about 13 to 18 years old.I am the big brother of my family and have only one little brother , I WISH I HAVE ANOTHER LITTLE SISTER OR BROTHER.But I can't force my mom to born another one right ? right.At least adopt one ... I have average grades in school and I love playing video games.

My hobbies are boring and not exciting.I seldom left home because my back always hurts after long term standing , walking or running.Playing video games became my number one hobby since it is fun and you do not need to do much but using your hands.This hobby helped me to pass my free time since I was 12 years old.Drawing illustrations and comics is also my hobby , they make understand the world more and understand the beauty of nature.Drawing Comics and Illustrations are what make my imaginations go wild.I drew 4 series of comics since I was in Primary School year.I am now drawing 2 series in my art class , I also won 2 competitions of comic drawing in the past few years.Not much right ?

Since my back problem makes me obselete in sports , I take swimming as my sports intrests.Lying on the water surface while facing the sky makes my day a happy day.My one last hobby is COLLECTING TEDDY BEARS AND PLUSHIE TOYS.Yes , It sounds weird and girly but who cares...I been collecting them from when I was a baby until now.Throwing them is impossible for me.

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